Elizabeth Criss Cook
MS, LPC: Licensed Professional Counselor

Beth has fifteen years of experience in a variety of counseling settings. She has a special interest in the spiritual aspects of health and utilizes a counseling approach that integrates practices such as mindfulness and meditation with practical techniques for changing negative thought and behavior patterns. Beth is currently enrolled in the Spiritual Direction training program at the Haden Institute in Flat Rock, NC. The purpose of the Haden training program is:

  1. To train and certify people to be Spiritual Directors in the Jungian, Mystical, Dream, and Christian Traditions
  2. To help professionals and others integrate a spiritual dimension into their chosen vocation
  3. To honor lay and ordained Spiritual Directors
  4. To offer Spiritual Direction Training that is open to the wisdom of all faith traditions, east and west
from www.hadeninstitute.com

This program offers Beth training in ancient forms of spirituality that are relevant to modern life including dreamwork, the labyrinth, Celtic spirituality, enneagrams, typology, centering prayer, guided meditation, journal writing, mythology, fairy tales, poetry, silence and ritual, the feminine face of God, group spirituality, care of the soul and the mind/body connection.

Beth can be reached directly at 256-653-1070
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